Brain Dump and Starting Fresh…

I took some time after my last post about Knuckie. Loosing a dog makes it hard to want to write about dogs and it also made me want to spend some time with my own dogs.

While I was taking a break, I could not get my blog out of my mind. I knew I wanted to include my dogs in my blog but I have a host of other ideas bubbling up in my head that I couldn’t decide how I wanted to express and share them. Everywhere you read about starting a blog, there is such great emphasis on picking a topic and sticking to it. While I get it, that’s also hard for me. Very hard.

I am constantly researching and reading about building this blog, and I want to share that. Everyday, I am working on crochet projects and other crafts, and I want to share that. Everyday, one of my dogs, kids or Jeff does something that keeps me smiling or laughing, and I want to share all of that! We’re going on a road trip (sadly, without any dogs), and I want to share that too! I just want to write about what comes to mind. The point of starting this blog was to write and share my life experiences. To share the things that inspire me, make me creative, educate me and to keep my brain working constantly.

I never want to quit learning, not ever. I never want to quit creating, not ever. So here we go! Thanks for letting me vent or brain dump rather. I feel much better!

“A dog can’t think that much about what he’s doing, he just does what feels right.” – Barbara Kingsolver



Farewells and Heavy Hearts

A Knuckles update: Last night, Knuckles passed away peacefully in his sleep and in his favorite spot.

In this life, you’ll meet only a few good souls. For me, one of those good souls was Knuckie. We only had one great year with him but it was one year that will leave a lasting impression.

This one’s for Knuckie.

“Everyone is taught that angels have wings. The lucky ones of us find that they have four paws.” – Jury Nel

Dog Ink 01

Bean and my favorite tattoo

In October of last year, I got this tattoo below… ⬇️

This is what it looked like right after Austin finished. Austin McCullough is the tattoo artist who does most of my tattoos and will hopefully do all my future tattoos. He took this picture of Bean (below) and created this amazing sugar skull of my actual dog’s face. 

It doesn’t get more awesome than that, folks! You can check out Austin’s other awesome work on his Instagram linked here or if you’re in the market for your own dog ink… You can schedule your own appointment at Mi Familia here in Tulsa. Contact info is on Austin’s Instagram. 

Here is the process until full completion.

It’s my absolute favorite tattoo. I want to get my other dogs but I struggle if I want to continue the sugar skull theme with each of them or mix it up a bit.  Please, feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below. I appreciate the feedback! 

Since getting this tattoo, I’ve had numerous people stop me and ask me about it. I’ve had a few ask for a picture of it. Here is how great it looks even now months later. I got stopped again today by a girl asking about it!

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Kevin 01

Cobbler and dog ice cream

img_6137Today, I made my very first cobbler ever. Jeff loves porter peaches, and he loves peach cobbler even more. It turned out great! Now, I believe in equality… That is equal desserts for all. I couldn’t very well enjoy ice cream while the pups looked on. And I have a bad habit of sharing my food with my pups a little too much. So naturally, I had to serve the pups their own dessert as well… dog ice cream!

Everybody’s happy with full bellies. Now, we’re putting our feet up and watching “Independence Day” (circa 1996.) This movie gets Lulu all worked up. Especially, the dog in the tunnel scene!


“It’s just the most amazing thing to love a dog, isn’t it? It makes our relationships with people seem as boring as a bowl of oatmeal.” -John Grogan